Natalia Sembratovych

Birth date
Death date
Married Volodymyr Svarychevchkyy
Children Lyudomyr Svarychevchkyy
Zenovij Svarychevchkyy
Maria Svarychevchkaya
Volodymyr Svarychevchkyy
Olga Svarychevchkaya
Julia Svarychevchkaya
Roman Svarychevchkyy
Lev (Leo) Sembratovych
Yulia Ivanivna Myshkovskа
Info b. 15.02.1880 - † 09.02.1966 (m. Lviv)
Fled during the retreat of Russian troops in Rostov.
Together with her children, Mary Lyudomyr, Zenoviy, Vladimir, Olga
Came back to home by Wigbert ship through Italy (last trip), then through Poland to Lviv.
KGB man were from Galicia and agreed to release them only on the last voyage of the ship Wigbert.
Volodymyr Svarychevskyy with his family
Volodymyr Svarychevskyy with his family.
Seated left to right:
Maria Svarychevska (Zhuravetska), Natalia Sembratovych (Svarychevska) - wife of Vladimir, Volodymyr Svarychevskyy Olga Svarychevska (Krushynska).
Standing from left to right:
Zenoviy Svarychevskyy, Volodymyr Svarychevskyy, Lyudomyr Svarychevskyy

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