Yulia Ivanivna Myshkovskа

Birth date
Death date
Married Lev (Leo) Sembratovych
Children Ioanna Sembratovych
Lyudomyr Sembratovych
Olga Sembratovych
Eugene Sembratovych
Teofilа Sembratovych
Volodymyr Sembratovych
Natalia Sembratovych
Julian Sembratovych
Zenoviya Sembratovych
Anatoliy Sembratovych
Melania Sembratovych
Roman Sembratovych
Filaret Sembratovich
Info Daughter of Ioann and Ioanna Myshkovsky (daughter of Petro Durkot and Marya Obushkevych).
She fled with Russian troops to Rostov, to avoid Austrian government persecution in the First World War. Tsar Nicholas II appointed retired;
After the revolution, in aorder to survive organized with family baking donuts for sale.
Graves in Rostov no place in cemetery - the road.
Together with Julia in Rostov ran Sembratovych Ioan, Sembratovych Natalia and her husband Svarychevskyy Vladimir, Sembratovych Antonina-Teofiliya, Sembratovych Zenoviy and Melania Sembratovych.
Lev Sembratovych and Julia Myshkovska with children
Lev Sembratovych and Julia Myshkovska (Sembratovych) with children:
1 row (left to right): Anatoly, Julian, Eugene, Vladimir, Olga, Antonina - Teofiliya, Natalia, Zenoviya.
2nd row (left to right): Lyudomyr, Julia, Leo, Ioanna.
Seated: Roman, Melanie
(From the collection of Irena Bilas)

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