Volodymyr Svarychevchkyy

Birth date
Death date
Married Natalia Sembratovych
Children Lyudomyr Svarychevchkyy
Zenovij Svarychevchkyy
Maria Svarychevchkaya
Volodymyr Svarychevchkyy
Olga Svarychevchkaya
Julia Svarychevchkaya
Roman Svarychevchkyy
Info b. 1878 - † 28.08.1953 (Lviv)
Ordained in 1904;
During the retreat of Russian troops in World War I, fled from Austrian government persecution to Rostov. Returned by ship Wigbert through Italy (last trip), through Poland to Lviv (1921-1922).
1901-1904 - St. Theology Lviv Greek Catholic seminary
1904 - Ordained
1905-1908 - Employees in Perehynsko
1909-1914 - the parish vicar in the metropolitan city Lviv; pastor, busy Teachers in St. Anne school and Tanskoy Folk School in Lviv.
1924-1938 - Pastor in Bovshivets (Galician deanery)
Volodymyr Svarychevskyy with his family
Volodymyr Svarychevskyy with his family.
Seated left to right:
Maria Svarychevska (Zhuravetska), Natalia Sembratovych (Svarychevska) - wife of Vladimir, Volodymyr Svarychevskyy Olga Svarychevska (Krushynska).
Standing from left to right:
Zenoviy Svarychevskyy, Volodymyr Svarychevskyy, Lyudomyr Svarychevskyy

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