Teofilа Sembratovych

Birth date
Death date
Married Petro Yasenytskyy
Children Eugene Yasenytskyy
Maria Yasenytskaya
Lev Yasenytskyy
Julian Yasenytskyy
Melania Yasenytskaya
Roman Yasenytskyy
Lidija Yasenytskaya
Nadia Yasenytskaya
Lev (Leo) Sembratovych
Yulia Ivanivna Myshkovskа
Info - † Khodoriv;
Her husband was arrested in 1914, by "Ukrainian soldier" and brought to the general. Then Petro said: "Herr General, if you shoot me, you will have my wife and six children on the conscience." After these words the general let him go. Then stayed as a refugee in Vienna. While the wife of Theophila (Antonina-Teofilia) Sembratovych with children living in refugee in Rostov on Don. Died in Khodoriv where she arrived with children in time of Soviet Union.
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