Petro Yasenytskyy

Birth date
Death date
Married Teofilа Sembratovych
Children Eugene Yasenytskyy
Maria Yasenytskaya
Lev Yasenytskyy
Julian Yasenytskyy
Melania Yasenytskaya
Roman Yasenytskyy
Lidija Yasenytskaya
Nadia Yasenytskaya
Info b. 1870 (Sambor) - † 11.02.1930 (Odrekhova)
Ordained in 1894
1890-1893 - St. Theology in St. Barbara Semenyschi in Vienna
1894 - Ordained
1894-1896 - Head of the village. Huysko (Hujsko)
1897-1898 - Head of the village Peredilnytsya (Przedzielnica) (Dobromil deanery)
1899 - Head of the village Hrevt (Zatvarnytskyy deanery)
1900 - Head of the village. Volytsya
1901-1906 - Pastor in Skorodne (Zatvarnytsky deanery)
1906-1930 - Pastor in Odrekhova (Syanotskyy deanery)
Died 11.02.1930, Odrekhova

Arrested in 1914, by "Ukrainian soldier" and brought to the general. Then Petro said: "Herr General, if you shoot me, you will have my wife and six children on the conscience." After these words the general let him go. Then stayed as a refugee in Vienna. While the wife of Theophila (Antonina-Teofilia) Sembratovych with children living in refugee in Rostov on Don.
Talergof Almanac
Monument in Odrehova

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