Ioanna Sembratovych

Birth date
Death date
Married Dyonizij Mirovich (Gudzjo)
Children Roman Mirovich
Sofia Mirovich
Eugenia Mirovich
Yaroslav Mirovich
Stephan Mirovich
Melania Mirovich
Anatoliy Mirovich
Alexandr Sembratovych
Lidija Mirovich
Irena Mirovich
Lev (Leo) Sembratovych
Yulia Ivanivna Myshkovskа
Info b. 15.12.1869 (p. Perehrymka, Poland) - † 30.01.1934 (in Butsiv, Mostyska district, Lviv region.)
Fled with two daughters during the retreat of Russian troops in Rostov.
Returned to home by Wigbert ship through Italy (last trip), then through Poland in Lviv.
KGB man were from Galicia and agreed to release them only on the last voyage of the Wigbert ship.
After the death of daughter Eugenia - Mindwarp, woke up at the wedding of the daughter Melanie, when the whole family gathered.
Family of Ioanna Sembratovych and Deoniziy Mirovich
Family of Ioanna Sembratovych and Deoniziy Mirovich
Seated left to right: Roman Mirovich, Ioanna Sembratovych (Mirovich), Deoniziy Mirovich, Sofia Mirovich (Broyakovska)
Standing from left to right: Anatoly Mirovich, Lydia Hrabets (Mirovich), Stefan Mirovich, Melanie Mirovich (Hornytska), Alexander Mirovich, Irena Mirovich (Pretorius), Jaroslav Mirovich
(Photo from the collection of Irena Bilas made 07.07.1933 in Butsov (Bócowie).

Ioanna Mirovich with daughters
Ioanna Mirovich with daughters - Lydia and Irina (younger)

Tomb of Ioanna Mirovich
Tomb of Ioanna Mirovich (Sembratovych) in the Butsiv village

John Sembratovich, from the house of Mirovich. Butts, on the plebana 1933-1934

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