Roman Mirovich

Birth date
Death date
Married Olga-Maria-Klementina Wojtowicz
Children Borys Mirovich
Lubomyr Mirovich
Maria Mirovich
Ioanna Sembratovych
Dyonizij Mirovich (Gudzjo)
Info born Volchyschovychi - † Lviv
Galicia historian, essayist, belonged to the Galician-Ruska direction.
Compiled list of Talerhof prisoners, recognized only Russian language.
He was buried at the Lviv cemetery in Tombs of Russian journalists.
Roman Mirovich
Roman Mirovich, 1940

Roman Mirovich and Olga Voytovych with children
Roman Mirovich and Olga Voytovych (Mirovich) and their children: Boris (older) and Lyudomyr (younger)

The family of Roman Mirovich
Przemysl; in the garden of his house.
From right to left: Roman Mirovich, son - Lubomir, wife Olga Mirovich (Voytovych), son - Boris

Roman Mirovich with nephews
Roman Mirovich with nephews (children of his brother Stephen).
Prague, 29.06.1967.

Roman Mirovich with his wife and sons
Roman Mirovich with his wife - Olga Mirovich (Voytovych) and sons - Boris (senior) and Lubomir.

Roman Mirovich with his family
Roman Mirovich, Olga Mirovich (Voytovych) and their children - Boris (at right), Maria and Lubomir

O. Roman Mirovich on the street Nishchinsky 10 in Lviv. 1965

From left to right: Beata-Maria Mirovich, Roman Deonizievich Mirovich, Adrian Mirovich, Ivanna Kalistyl, Boris Mirovich's wife.
Przemysl, November 1958

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