Dyonizij Mirovich (Gudzjo)

Birth date
Death date
Married Ioanna Sembratovych
Children Roman Mirovich
Sofia Mirovich
Eugenia Mirovich
Yaroslav Mirovich
Stephan Mirovich
Melania Mirovich
Anatoliy Mirovich
Alexandr Sembratovych
Lidija Mirovich
Irena Mirovich
Info b. 15.10.1863 (p. Volchyschovychi) - † 26.07.1947 (in Butsiv, Mostyska district, Lviv region.)
Ordained in 1893
Talerhof prisoner and his son Yaroslav, was arrested in August 1914. In 1917 he returned to Medical
22.06.1904r - in Lviv governorship changed his surname from Hudzo to Mirovich
At the same time his children changed the surname (Eugenia, Roman, Stefan, Yaroslav, Sofia, Melania)
1887 - Certificate endowed
1888-1889 - St. Theology, Semenysche general in Lviv
1890 - the fourth year in Theology Semenysche Diocesano
1891-1892 - waiting for ordination
1893 - Ordained, sopomoshnyk (helper) in Volchyschovychi (Wolczyszczowicz) (Sudovo-vyshnyanskyy deanery)
1894 - Head of the village Volchyschovychi, transferred to a chaplain Sanots
1895 - Head of the village Olshana (Olszany) 1896-1899 - Head of the Piatkova-Ruska (Piatkowa Ruska)
1900-1907 - Pastor Piatkova-Ruska (Berchanskyy deanery)
1908-1932 - Pastor in Medica
1934-1937 - Pastor in Butsiv (Medynytskyy deanery)

Family of Ioanna Sembratovych and Deoniziy Mirovich
Family of Ioanna Sembratovych and Deoniziy Mirovich
Seated left to right: Roman Mirovich, Ioanna Sembratovych (Mirovich), Deoniziy Mirovich, Sofia Mirovich (Broyakovska)
Standing from left to right: Anatoly Mirovich, Lydia Hrabets (Mirovich), Stefan Mirovich, Melanie Mirovich (Hornytska), Alexander Mirovich, Irena Mirovich (Pretorius), Jaroslav Mirovich
(Photo from the collection of Irena Bilas made 07.07.1933 in Butsov (Bócowie).

Church in the village Butsiv
Church in the Butsiv village

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