Sylvester (Samuel) Sembratovych

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Children -
Antonij Sembratovych
Anna Vyslotska
Info b 03.09.1836 Deshnytsya
1856-1861 - Faculty of Philosophy and Theology in College of Pope Urban VIII in Rome
1860 - ordained
1861-1862 - Vicar at Sylvester Vyslotskoho in Florynka and Michael Krynytzky, pastor of the village. Tylich near Mushina
20.06.1861 - Doctor of Theology
1862-1863 - presbyter of the Przemyśl diyetsyziyi
1863-1873 - Prefect of the Lviv Theological Seminary
1867th professor of dogmatic special Lviv University, Associate Professor of Theology fundamental (nomination tsar of 03.12.1869r); Advisor Council for the church.
1873 - Dean of the University
1877 - Advisor consistory
1878 - Archpriest chapter Lviv
28.02.1878 - Pope Leon XIII granted the title of bishop Yuliopolitanskoho
1879 - Bishop sufrahan Metropolitan Galician (in Uncle Joseph Sembratovych)
11.11.1882 - Administrator arhidetsyziyi
25.03.1885 - Metropolitan Lviv (Galician)
07.17.1894 - the title of assistant Papal Throne and Roman Count
29.11.1895 - Cardinal (kardynalsku hat handed 07.12.1895r Emperor in Vienna)
12.12.1895 - triumphantly entered in ST. George in Lviv
1882 - Ambassador Diet
15.09.1883-28.12.1897 - Member of the Austrian Chamber of lords (Izby Panow), Privy Councilor imperial court
1893 - Vienna received the Order of the Golden Crown Emperor and class
09.11.1897 - was operated for stomach cancer Professor Ludwik Rydygier
† 04.08.1898r in Lviv, buried in the crypt of St. George

Order to meet the request of the Metropolitan Sylvester, Pope Leo XIII founded in Rome a private college for Ukrainian Greek Catholics. (Eugene Onadskyy. Entseklopediya was Ukrainian. Buenos Aires, 1959)

In non occasions can be seen dressed in a simple blouse and cap. He loved to feed the rabbits (them had 150 different species), horses.
Engaged in photography, love to play skittles.
Restored at his own expense church in Deshnytsa in 1884.
Had never lost the Lemko pronunciation.

Sylvestr Sembratovych

Sylvestr Sembratovych
His Eminence Sylvester Sembratovych Metropolitan of Lviv

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