Filaret Sembratovych

Birth date
Married Maria Sauer
Children Maria Sembratovych
Helena Sembratovych
Jadviga Sembratovych
Helena-Victoria Sembratovich
Mykhailo Sembratovych
Maria Lavretzkа
Info b. s.Koroleva Rusca.
Law Doctor, Advisor to the Berezhany Court
The first wife Sower Mary 19.01.1884
Miller's second wife, Marianna-Guilielmina, daughter of Victor Miller and Alozia Bankovskaya
Marriage 24.01.1885 in Lviv (he is 38 and 8/12, she is 21). The daughter of Helen-Victoria was born on July 30, 1886.
Third Wife Osterman Maria-Teresa, daughter of Benjamin-George Osterman and Johnny-Maria Fabricius
Wedding 30.04.1889 (he is 43, she is 30)
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