Alexander-Ludwig Sembratovych

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Children -
Vasily Sembratovich
Francisca Kukharsʹka
Info He graduated the gymnasium in Lviv, Military Academy in Vienna. He served in the Austrian artillery.
Marked by many orders and sent to the General Staff in Vienna. As Field Marshal of the Austrian Army was known as one of the best Austrian strategists. He was a frequent visitor to the Imperial House. In Vienna, was from 1884 to 1890. As a general, from 1872, was a member of the House of lords (Izby Panow) in Vienna. He was tall and imposing.
Marshall was not married, frequently visited Lemkivshchyna (Krynica village).
As a pensioner living in Krakow, Wawel Castle.
He died at 54 years because of pneumonia.
He was buried in Krakow on Rakowicki Cemetery.
On his grave monument with an iron cross, the image of Our Lady and the inscription in German: "Gewidmet von ihrer treuen Freundin".
Krakow newspaper news (weekly) ch.1-2, 1943
Assigned rank:
Major General - 01.05.1887
Field Marshal Lieutenant - 01.05.1891
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