Vsevolod Broyakovskyy

Birth date
Death date
Married Sofia Mirovich
Children Vira Broyakovska
Ioanna Broyakovska
Info Sophia's parents were not allowed to marry Vsevolod because he was poor. Went in Przemysl, and the old Jew joined him, "kup losa" (buy fortune, fate). Bought and won a large amount of money. Then, opened a private doctor's office and got married.
The Broyakovsky family
The Broyakovsky family: Sofia Mirovich (Broyakovska) her husband Vsevolod Broyakovskyy and daughters Vira(elder) and Ioanna

Vsevolod Broykovsky's family: wife of Sofia, from the house of Mirovich; Elder daughter Vera, married Khominskaya; Younger daughter of John, married to Stanevskaya.

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