Szilárd - Győrgy Szembratovics (Szemeredy)

Birth date
Married Izabella Kontsek
Children Szilárd Győrgy Szemeredy
Izabella Szemeredy
Szilárd Szembratovics (Szemeredy)
Katalin Kapronczi
Info Debrecen; Doctor of science
In 1934, the surname changed from Sembratovych to Semeredy with his father.
Szilárd Szembratovics changed his name
Szilárd Szembratovics (Szemeredy)
In 1934, changed his name from Sembratovych to Semeredy.
His children also changed names: Szilárd - Győrgy (b. 1929) and Miklós - Sándor (b. 1931)

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