Severian Toronsky

Birth date
Married Maria Kopistyanska
Children -
Info Born. s.Zavadka Son of John Toronsky and Victoria Boretskaya.
1869 III year of theology in the Lviv general seminary
1870 IV year of theology in the Peremysh Diocesan Seminary
Crowned November 25, 1871, Brunar (he is 25, she is 21)
1871 ordinances.
1873 assignment Kamianna village, Mushinsky dean's office.
1874 assignment. St. Banytsya, Mushinsky dean's office.
1875 presbyter of the diocese, prefect of the studio of the theological Lviv theological seminary.
1879 prefect of ts.k. The Lviv Seminary is set by the Victorian 1880-1893 second rector city in the Lviv general seminary.
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