Theodosius Durkot

Birth date
Death date
Married Maria Lomnitskaya
Children Julia Durkot
Ioanna Durkot
Eugenia Durkot
Daria Durkot
Borys Durkot
Rodion Durkot
Emile Durkot
Alexander Durkot
Irena Durkot
Constantine Krynytska
Ioann-Khryzostom Durkot
Info Born. с.Кам`яна.
1888-1890 1st and 3rd years of St. Theologian in the general seminary in Lviv 1891 IV year in the Pereomy Diocesan Seminary Wedding on October 22, 1891, with the name of Lubov (he is 22, she 16) 1891 ordinances.
1892-1893 assignment. Olkhovets village, Dukliansky dean's office.
1894 building of the village of Lobov.
1895 z.Matsieva building.
1896. Branch of Smerevets, Bezsky dean's office 1897-1908 the pastor of Smekovec village Since 1903, the actuary of the Bezsky Dean's Office 1909-1918 Parish of Zdinya village.

Died 07.10.1924. in the village of Korchiv.
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